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Cookiehead Cookies. Insanely tasty. Crazy smart.
Cookiehead Cookies. Insanely tasty. Crazy smart. Find out why.
Cookiehead Cookies. Insanely tasty. Crazy smart.
Changing the face of the snack industry, one million cookies at a time.



Cookiehead: Delicious, nutritionally responsible cookies, brownies and muffins

Cookiehead was founded on the premise that sweet snacks can both taste good and be good for you. We start with high-quality ingredients – such as whole grains, dark chocolate, and real fruit, nuts and seeds. Then we combine them to create nutritionally responsible treats that are insanely tasty and crazy smart.





Our manifesto: Let’s start a revolution

Snack foods don’t have to be junk food, and healthful snacks don’t have to taste like sawdust. It’s that simple. We also believe that you shouldn’t need a chemistry degree (and a magnifying glass) to decipher an ingredient legend. Our ingredient legends are simple, short and sweet. We create nutritionally responsible cookies, brownies, and muffins from natural ingredients that taste good.






Good things come in small packages

Cookiehead snacks come in small portions; they pack a nutritional wallop so a little goes a long way. They’re high in fiber, thanks to ingredients such as rolled oats, sprouted spelt, and whole wheat, and rich in good-for-you, complex fats from ingredients like almonds and walnuts. You won’t need to eat a lot of our cookies and brownies to satisfy your hunger or your tastebuds. And because they are low glycemic index foods, they won’t spike your blood sugar, so you’ll stay satisfied longer. And you won’t fall asleep in the middle of the workday.



A variety of snack foods to satisfy your cravings


Whole Grain Cookies

Packed with rolled oats, whole wheat and generous helpings of chocolate, nuts, seeds and fruit, these insanely tasty, crazy smart cookies deliver plenty of fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and, most importantly, rich, satisfying flavor.

Mighty Mini Brownies

Rich, dark chocolate combines with sprouted spelt for a luscious brownie that’s dairy-free and easy to digest.


Mighty Mini Muffins

Mini muffins made from sprouted spelt, real fruit, seeds, wheat germ, and maple syrup. A breakfast treat that’s a nutritional powerhouse. Available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets in New England (for now…).



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